E-Newsletter: Volume 1, No. 1

Acute HIV Infection:
Brief Interlude, Broad Impact

HIV (red) infecting a T-Cell

The first few days and weeks after HIV infection are a crucial period both for the health of individuals and for the public health. HIV Center researchers are exploring new approaches to better understanding and intervening during this early phase of "acute" HIV infection (AHI).

To learn more about AHI, click here. To read about AHI studies at Columbia University and the HIV Center, click here.

HIV Action Research Network Launched

The HIV Centerís Community Collaboration Core has initiated the formation of a new network of community-based organizations, government agencies and academic researchers in New York City.

New HIV Center Studies

New HIV Center studies focus on themes as diverse as HIV prevention among the mentally ill in Brazil, the promise of topical microbicides, sexual practices in South Africa, the impact of HIV rapid testing, and the promotion of research ethics.

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