Winter 2009-2010 E Newsletter: Volume 3, No. 2

Integrating the Behavioral and the Biomedical in Southern Africa

HIV prevention scientists have long recognized that it is imperative to integrate behavioral and biomedical approaches to HIV prevention and care, but have often been impeded by disciplinary boundaries, disparate funding streams, and institutional barriers. Yet behavioral interventions are incomplete if they fail to incorporate the expanding array of biomedical advances, and without a focus on the behavioral, even the most advanced biomedical approaches are unlikely to reach their full potential. More>



From the Director
"Reviewing and Renewing our Priorities"
By: Anke A. Ehrhardt, Ph.D.

Voice of the Community
"The Bronx Knows Initiative seeks to help every Bronx resident learn his or her HIV status."
by Benjamin Tsoi, M.D., M.P.H., Director of HIV Testing, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

HIV Center Spotlight
Claude Ann Mellins, Ph.D., and the Family Studies Program

Findings on Acute HIV Infection

Although acute HIV infection occurs in a short timespan, it can have a huge impact on the overall HIV epidemic. Findings have been newly published from a multisite study including the HIV Center. More>

Recent Appointments and Awards

HIV Center investigators have recently received faculty promotions at Columbia University, launched a new Master's program in Bioethics, and received new grant awards. This academic year, we have also been joined by four new postdoctoral Fellows. More>


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