Winter 2011 E-Newsletter: Volume 4, No. 2

HIV risk among people with mental illness:
Two decades of prevention intervention

Amidst the many psychosocial problems facing people with mental illness, another major challenge is to avoid acquisition of HIV through unprotected sex or unsafe drug injection practices. For over 20 years, people with mental illness have been a focus of HIV Center research, with a particular emphasis on the development and evaluation of interventions to reduce HIV-related risk behaviors. In 1989, HIV Center investigators embarked on the first NIMH-funded research project on seroprevalence among psychiatric inpatients. That line of work has continued down to the present day at the HIV Center, including current projects in Brazil and in New York. More >>>



From the Director

"Questions and Answers on the HIV Center and the Epidemic"

by Anke A. Ehrhardt, Ph.D.

Voice of the Community

Revitalizing Prevention in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

by Chris Collins, Vice President and Director of Public Policy, amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

HIV Center Spotlight
Q&A with Milton Wainberg, M.D., on the intersection of HIV and mental illness

Mental Health and HIV:

Resources at Columbia University Medical Center

Beyond the HIV Center, the Columbia University Medical Center offers a wide range of services relating to HIV and mental health. This article profiles a number of important resources and offers

key links.  More>>>


National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The HIV Center's Global Community Core sponsored a seminar on “The National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Its development, implementation, and implications for HIV research and services.”  This article provides details and access to podcasts and other resources. More>>>




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