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Alissa Davis, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Davis A., Best J., Wei C., Luo J., Van Der Pol B., Meyerson B., Dodge B., Aalsma M., Tucker J. (In press) Social Entrepreneurship for Sexual Health Research Group. “Intimate Partner Violence and Correlates with Risk Behaviors and HIV/STI Diagnoses Among Men Who Have Sex With Men and Men Who Have Sex With Men and Women in China: A Hidden Epidemic.” Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Davis A., Roth A., Brand J., Zimet G. D., Van Der Pol B. (2015). “Coping Strategies and Behavioral Changes Following a Genital Herpes Diagnosis Among an Urban Sample of Underserved Midwestern Women.” International Journal of STD & AIDS.


Meyerson B., Sayegh M. A., Davis A., Arno J. N., Zimet G. D., LeMonte A. M., Williams J. A., Barclay L., & Van Der Pol B. (2015). “Cervical Cancer Screening in a Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic: Screening Adoption Experiences From a Midwestern Clinic.” American Journal of Public Health, 105(S2), e8-e14.


Van Der Pol B., Davis A., Dodge B., Zimet G. (2014). Chlamydia Positivity Rates and Knowledge Among Men Within the Social Networks of STD Clinic Attendees. In Thirteenth International Symposium on Human Chlamydial Infections. Schachter, Byrne, Caldwell, et al. (Eds.) 2014.


Hubach R. D., Dodge B., Davis A., Zimet G. D., Smith A. D., & Van Der Pol B. (2014). “Preferred methods of STI service delivery among a sample of underserved Midwestern men.” Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 41(2), 129-132.











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Alissa Davis, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Fellow


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